Wallet App Development

Mobile wallet app provides people with an easy way to make payment for their purchases. This sort of app turns any smartphone into e-wallet and makes it ready to pay in both ways – online and offline. Aside from making payments, a wallet application can be included with vouchers, coupons and loyalty card features to process them quicker than ever before. Using wallet app become quite interesting when customers get cash back and various other rewards.

User Registration

Users can create their own profile where they can store all personal details like mobile numbers, address, bank details, transaction details etc

Add Balance

Users can add balance to mobile wallet from their bank accounts in just a few clicks

Balance Status

Users can check current status of their account or account balance

Money Transfer

Users can instantly transfer money to mobile wallets of payee wallets allowing funds immediately available.

QR Codes

QR technology is often known as an alternative to NFC. Making payment by scanning the QR code is very simple and easy. It increases the efficiency of digital payment transfer.


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